Dodge Consulting & Publications

Our Business Mission:

To assist trial attorneys and their clients in successfully applying theory and practice from the fields of persuasion, communications, decision-making, social research, group dynamics and human behavior to optimize the impact of testimony and evidence at trial.

We Offer:

  • Trial and jury consulting services for small to medium-sized law firms
  • Special expertise in professional liability defense
  • Litigation stress management for health care professionals
  • Seminars, presentations, and CME/CLE programs

Case Experience Areas:

  • Medical malpractice defense
  • Wrongful death
  • Employment
  • Gender/race discrimination
  • Product liability
  • Police actions
  • Insurance coverage/bad faith
  • Personal injury
  • Civil right/privacy invasion
  • Business fraud/contract disputes
  • Sexual abuse/child abuse
  • Environmental contamination

Attorney Consulting Services:

  • Witness preparation for deposition
  • Witness preparation for trial
  • Juror-sensitive trial strategy       
  • Case assessment
  • Focus groups and mock trials
  • Jury de-selection and voir dire
  • Post-trial juror interviews
  • Trial communications
  • Seminars and CLE programs