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How We Can Meet Your Needs

Attorney Consulting Services

Combining legal expertise with jury persuasion and communication skills is an unbeatable formula for success in litigation. Our practical case preparation strategies assure that your legal tactics will have maximum impact on jurors. Our clients’ high level of satisfaction comes from our expertise, our cost-consciousness, and our flexibility. We can effectively help attorneys by:

  • Improving communication skills of witnesses before deposition or trial
  • Assessing your case from the juror’s perspective
  • Analyzing case strengths and weaknesses objectively
  • Conducting focus groups to assess reactions of potential jurors to your case
  • Showing you how to develop a compelling case narrative and central themes
  • Helping you plan an effective jury selection strategy
  • Preparing High Risk Juror profiles, juror questionnaires, and voir dire questions
  • Coaching on the most effective juror questioning techniques
  • Assisting with in-court jury selection
  • Interviewing jurors after the trial to determine how the panel reached its verdict

Litigant Consulting Services

Being involved in litigation puts substantial stress on defendants, as well as families, colleagues, staff, and others. Coping with the litigation process and participating effectively in one’s defense is crucial to a successful outcome. We can assist by helping you and your clients to:

  • Deal with litigation stress syndrome
  • Understand the emotional impact of litigation
  • Prepare for the process of witness preparation for deposition and trial
  • Better manage negative emotion such as anger, depression, and denial
  • Improve appropriate courtroom dress and demeanor
  • Address pre- and post-trial decision-making challenges
  • Cope with courtroom anxiety